Repeal Ordinance 3343, help NRH go solar!

Most Dallas Fort Worth area cities are working cooperatively to streamline the permitting process to make it easier for more of us to install solar on our homes and businesses. Unfortunately, in December, the North Richland Hills city council moved in the opposite direction, creating more red tape and burdensome and unnecessary limitations that will discourage many from installing solar on their property.

On December 8, 2014, the city council approved Ordinance 3343, one of the most anti-solar laws in the Dallas Fort Worth region:

  • Makes it very difficult to install solar panels on street-facing rooftops, which means that roughly half of the homes in North Richland Hills could be prevented from installing solar panels for maximum production.
  • Raises the installation cost of solar by requiring special screening to block ground-mounted solar from the view of adjacent properties

Please email the Mayor and City Council and urge them to cut the red tape and help North Richland Hills go solar!