Webinar: Fighting Water Pollution with Nature-Based Infrastructure

Learn what makes nature-based infrastructure so cool at this free webinar. Experts on stormwater infrastructure will give us the rundown, teach us about the struggles of funding nature-based infrastructure, let us know how we can support it, and how you can help! There will be a discussion followed by a Q&A with our panelists:

  • Trenia Miller, Stormwater Manager from Lubbock who is struggling getting support for her interests in nature-based infrastructure
  • Kathy Roecker, Stormwater Management Plan Administrator and fierce advocate for nature-based infrastructure from Kyle
  • Dan Wedemeier, mayor from Readlyn, Iowa whose town is thriving with nature-based infrastructure from the program that we are intending to implement in Texas
  • Anna Farrell-Sherman, Clean Water Associate with Environment Texas

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